the desk of my dreams.

Call me a loser if you want, but for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a simple and minimalistic white desk which I’m assuming originates from years of seeing ‘Tumblr and Pinterest’-esque desks all over my computer and phone screen?

Who knows, but it’s finally been done, and I’m bloody happy about it. After a lot of persuading, I finally convinced my boyfriend on another car journey to Ikea. Off we went to the magical land of flat pack furniture and divorce.

I already had all the items I wanted to buy on a list with the aisle locations (because you know, convenience) which left us with a lot of time to shop around, and found this amazing little table for £25! I love the industrial style of the trestles and think they go amazingly well underneath our sash window. I paired it with this chair that I already had and the £30 fluffy rug I’m sure everyone who has ever been to Ikea probably owns.


To keep it simple and organised, I’ve used my H&M metal magazine rack to store all our ‘important’ paperwork and bills in one place, along with some nice little candles and a faux succulent from Primark.

I suppose it has always been my goal to one day be able to work from home, and although the only real purpose we have for this desk at the moment is somewhere to sit whilst we do the online shopping, or play on The Sims for hours on end – I’m just happy that I have finally got the set up of my dreams.



On a related note, I’d also like to quickly tell you all about an app I recently downloaded called ‘RemoteControl’ for iOS. As you may be able to tell, the computer desk sits directly opposite our bed, and there’s nothing more annoying than falling asleep to RuPaul’s Drag Race and having to get out of the warm depths of the duvet just to turn the computer off. Enter RemoteControl – it’s a beautifully designed app that turns your phone – wait for it – into a remote control. (did you have any idea from the name?) I think it’s £4.99 but SO worth it if you have the same struggles I do with using your computer as a TV!


Until next time!

Abbi xoxo



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  1. I dream to live a minimalistic life! Although in recent years it has come to my attention that I am a hoarder. But not an over the top one! Although maybe my husband is just extremely wasteful and it pains me he never thinks to send items to charity shops but instead opts for the bin! I think my dreams of minimalism are are long way off, due to the fact I have an 8 month old. Oh why do babies have so much crap?!


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