styling a living space on a budget.

When I first saw the flat that me and Luke live in whilst browsing through Rightmove, I remember thinking ‘is there any point booking a viewing? we probably won’t get it anyway, it’s too amazing!!’ and it turns out all we had to do to get it was to just tug on the heartstrings of the estate agents a little and low and behold, we ended up getting the flat of our dreams.

ANYWAY, *spoiler alert*, it turns out that living down south is REALLY BLOODY EXPENSIVE (not that this wasn’t a well known fact anyway.) Brighton is a commuters DREAM and being about an hour away from London by train just drives the prices up even further. That being said, we also got lucky that our landlords were first time letters with hearts of gold, so despite being directly in the city centre, the rent is relatively cheap for a 2 bedroom.

The living room/kitchen area has to be my favourite in our flat so far, and it’s basically just a mis-mash of things that I’ve acquired over the last few years living away from home for the first time and a bit of cheap Ikea furniture – perfect for a budget home!

IMG_0173IMG_0167TV Unit and drawers, Ikea. Accessories, Primark. Also don’t you dare come for my electrical hazard looking plugs.IMG_0169

I went a bit mad on the H&M home stuff as well to be honest, but once we got ourselves a sofa and a TV unit (both Ikea) we found that everything else just started to come together. It’s not perfect or even finished (in my mind, Luke seems to think we’re all done for decor, LOL) but I think we’ve managed to create a cosy and stylish little living area without spending barely anything. The sofa was obviously pretty pricey, around £600 I think, but definitely a worthwhile investment since it’s our equivalent of the ‘hub of the house’ – we sit together on it every single day after work, eat meals sat on it, nap on it, do work sat there etc. And it is just SO COMFORTABLE! As for textiles, rugs and accessories, I’m sure you already know this but just GO FOR THE CHEAPEST! Primark is my absolute favourite when it comes to homeware, especially bedding and cushions, but some of their little extra things you can find are amazing if you’re on a budget. H&M is one of those places that everyone my age seems to LOVE, but being a plus size gal it’s never been one of the places I’d go to have a look round. However, I recently watched a YouTube H&M haul video and I was OBSESSED. I regularly sit and scroll through whatever new stuff they’ve added online, lusting and counting down the days until payday.

IMG_0170Our newer pans and utensils are from either Homesense or Asda. Please excuse the mess lol.IMG_0171Almost everything you can see in this picture (above) is from H&M.IMG_0174Metal post holder, H&M. Other candles and accessories, Primark. This area is SO far from being finished – I want the computer in the bedroom on an actual desk, and I want to get rid of these drawers completely so this corner can be better utilised since it’s such an amazing bit of space!

There’s nothing in this room that is particularly ‘luxe’ or ‘expensive’ but as a 23 year old graduate living with her tree surgeon boyfriend I have no particular desire to have the most expensive and original homeware – maybe once I have a job related to the field I wanna be in then that might happen. I can’t wait to finally buy a desk so I can get rid of the computer and up-cycle my chair to have an amazing ‘office’ space in the spare bedroom. But for the time being I am extremely happy with what we have accomplished in here so far!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, whoever you may be and I hope you found some kind of inspiration from my home.

Abbi x


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