post grad blues.

I recently stumbled across this article, ‘Why is no one talking about post-graduate depression?’ as the ‘shares’ from my fellow graduates rolled onto my newsfeed and I just instantly resonated with what it was saying, especially this poignant paragraph;

“After years of being in full-time education, it is now time to start fiercely competing with others in the same situation as you for that much talked about dream job.

You know the job right? That special grad scheme based in some buzzing city far away, that pays more money than your parents make, promises fast progression, a fancy title and puts your degree to good use? Sadly, this isn’t always guaranteed.”

I felt myself welling up reading words that resonated so closely to my own train of thought; I knew it couldn’t have just been me that was really bloody excited at the prospect of earning more than my parents and having a fancy job title that makes you sound successful AF. It’s now been around 2 months since I did my last ever presentation at uni and I’m really starting to feel the effects of being rejected for every job I apply for – despite graduating with First Class Honours – there’s barely any room to even be considered due to the fierce competition and lack of experience.

I’m aware that isn’t a shockingly new phenomenon to anyone;  I just wish that we were better prepared for what is to come. We’re spoon fed this idea that success comes with hard work and good grades. But I feel as though the working class generation is forgotten about in this notion; what about the ones that worked hard, got good grades, but had to work numerous part time (and irrelevant to their degree subject) jobs just to be able to afford rent and therefore did not manage to gain that necessary experience? Having to apply for jobs that are nowhere near the sector I’d like to be working in purely so I can afford to survive is not how I saw post-grad life panning out tbh.

Although rather ironically, since beginning this blog post a few hours ago (I’m a re-re-re-re-re-writer, what can I say) I’ve had a phone call to schedule an interview for tomorrow – my first interview since moving to Brighton. Wish me luck!




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