new place, new home, new chapter.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise. My absence on this blog can be explained by how much stress I’ve been under these last few weeks. No-one warns you how hard it is to rent a flat and move to a new city – I was never under any illusion that it was going to be smooth sailing but holy fuck! This was a whole new level.

The second me and Luke got that set of keys in our hand however made all the stress of viewings, emails, references and MORE emails so, so worth it.


some pictures of the flat pre-ikea trip

It’s all I’ve been thinking about for months, and to finally be here in the flat of our dreams is incredible – we were SO lucky, out of 15+ applicants we were the ones to get it! It’s an old converted house built around 1855, which means it has amazing original features like high ceilings, old style windows and fireplaces. The character of this flat is AMAZING and I absolutely love being here. Once I’d put a few little decorative things around it really started to feel like home – I’ve not had a single bad nights sleep since I moved in last Friday!


As much as I am loving Brighton so far, I feel like it’s all a dream that’s just too good to be true. After 3 years of ‘long distance’, it seems like I shouldn’t be waking up next to Luke for 5 nights in a row. I feel like it’s all going to come to an end but that’s the most exciting part – we’ve only really explored the tiniest little slither of Brighton and there’s still SO much we haven’t done and people I haven’t yet had time to go and meet up with. I’ve never felt more happy or content than I do right now and that’s why I decided it was time to get cracking with this blog.

Until I find a job (hire me pls) my days pretty much consist of sorting out bills and wifi, keeping the flat clean, texting my friends, waiting for Luke to finish work and going to the beach. Which I am more than okay with.



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